The decision to purchase a property in St. Barts is often sparked by a fascination with the island’s stunning beauty and its unique blend of safety and relaxed lifestyle. Gorgeous villas for sale in St Barts, boasting luxurious designs and breathtaking sea views, offer an exceptional way to indulge yourself. Moreover, with a consistently growing demand for high-end rentals, the value of real estate listings in the area remains steadfast. Being well-informed and responsive is essential in St. Barts’ dynamic real estate market, which is constantly evolving. We are here to help you navigate this market with confidence, offering properties for sale in St, including sought-after locations like Pointe Milou, and featuring homes with tropical gardens.


Get ready to be amazed as we unveil the doors to the most extraordinary villas and homes for sale in St. Barth that you won’t want to overlook! From exceptional architecture to breathtaking natural surroundings and unparalleled locations, each one is truly remarkable.


Together, we establish a specifications document outlining all the relevant criteria for your search. We also analyze the feasibility of your project based on real-time updated market data. The signing of the search mandate confirms the launch of your project. During this search phase, we activate our network of partners and explore the entire real estate market, including other agencies, private sellers, notaries, and property developers. We are alerted to all properties for sale in St Barts and, thanks to our extensive contacts, gain access to exclusive off-market opportunities. We pre-visit the best properties that match your criteria in locations such as Pointe Milou, St Jean, Gustavia and many more. Subsequently, you will receive detailed visit reports supported by photos and videos, as well as an analysis of the property’s strengths and weaknesses. If a property catches your attention, we will arrange a visit, accommodating your schedule. We provide an objective estimation of each property’s value, helping you negotiate and position a well-founded purchase offer.


Once the ideal property is identified, the initial step involves submitting an offer to purchase, usually a concise one-page document specifying the price and any specific conditions you may have. Upon the seller’s acceptance and signature, a Notaire, a specialized real estate lawyer with the authority to clear title and register the deed, is engaged to draft a formal purchase & sale agreement on behalf of both parties. This agreement will outline all terms, including an agreed-upon closing date. At the time of the agreement’s signature, the buyer will typically deposit 10% of the sale price into the Notaire’s escrow account, which will be deducted from the total amount due at closing. A standard transaction typically takes 60-90 days to fulfill all necessary requirements for closing.

In addition to the purchase price, the purchaser is responsible for a one-time transfer tax and Notaire’s fees. The exact amount will be determined by the Notaire and included in the purchase & sale agreement. It’s essential to note that there are NO annual real estate taxes in St. Barthélemy. The seller is typically responsible for paying the real estate agency commission and any applicable capital gains taxes.

We offer personalized assistance from price negotiation to the signing of the deed at the notary’s office. We thoroughly study the documents related to the property you wish to acquire and provide you with a comprehensive and transparent summary. We are present at all appointments, including quotes for renovation works, meetings with architects, the signing of the purchase agreement, and the deed at the notary’s office. We connect you with our top partners, including brokers, notaries, bankers, and interior architects.