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Nestled within the heart of the Caribbean’s captivating tourist zone, St. Barts stands apart from its peers, offering an exceptional and truly unforgettable stay through the exclusive rental of breathtaking villas found nowhere else in the world. While the number of hotel rooms on the island may be limited, the ones available are housed within prestigious establishments known for their stellar service and personalized touches. These star-rated hotels are strategically positioned, with some gracing the pristine beaches of St. Barts. Among them, the Cheval Blanc Saint-Barth Isle de France palace in Flamands, the Eden Rock St Barths in St. Jean hold prominence. However, what truly sets St. Barts apart is the wealth of extraordinary villa rentals on offer, designed to cater to your specific desires and exclusive to the island. Ranging from one to ten bedrooms, these villas boast private swimming pools, expansive grounds, and panoramic vistas of the lush hills or the azure sea. Each villa is a unique gem, exquisitely tailored to reflect your personal taste, while our concierge service ensures that all the luxuries and amenities associated with upscale hotels are seamlessly provided.

Although only a few villas are privileged enough to be located directly on the beaches, their allure is unparalleled, making them highly sought after and often requiring reservations up to a year in advance. With our curated selection of the most beautiful properties on St. Barts, our team of experts is well-versed in the array of enticing features offered by each villa, guiding you through the selection process with utmost care and attention.

In the enchanting realm of St. Barts, the possibility of renting these exceptional villas for your exclusive use elevates your stay to an extraordinary level of indulgence and opulence, creating memories that will linger in your heart for a lifetime.


Gouverneur Beach


Located in the heart of the Caribbean Islands, embraced by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, St. Barts stands proud with its enchanting array of fourteen extraordinary beaches, gracefully adorning its 32 kilometers of picturesque coastline. Open to the public and graced with year-round allure, these sandy shores offer the ideal setting for basking in the warm sun and indulging in refreshing dips within the glistening, transparent waters. Among these gems, we have handpicked and celebrated five of the most stunning ones to captivate your senses.

Luxury Shop St Barth


St. Barth is renowned for its luxury shopping experience, attracting visitors from around the world seeking high-end fashion, jewelry, accessories, and other upscale goods. Despite its small size, the island boasts a remarkable selection of luxury boutiques and designer stores as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Hermès, Prada, Christian Dior or Rolex.


La Case


In St. Barts, fine dining is elevated to an art form, an essential aspect of the island’s captivating entertainment. The culinary scene here is a delightful tapestry of diverse styles, ranging from sophisticated and gourmet to Caribbean-inspired, international fusion, and the finest French savoir-faire. A mere glimpse at restaurant menus reveals why the island’s gastronomic offerings are held in such high esteem by its loyal visitors. And for those seeking the utmost exclusivity, the temptation to bring a private chef to your villa is ever-present. This bespoke option allows you and your loved ones to relish a refined meal, custom-crafted to suit your preferences and desires. With a personal chef at your disposal, every dining experience becomes an intimate celebration, adding an extra layer of luxury to your St. Barts getaway.




Throughout the year, St. Barts becomes a vibrant hub for a plethora of international festivities and sporting events. The island kicks off the year with an exuberant start, drawing a flock of visitors eager to escape the frosty winters of New York and Paris, basking in the island’s warm embrace while reveling in the joyous New Year’s Day celebrations. As spring emerges, St. Barts transforms into a haven for yachting aficionados, hosting two of the most spectacular nautical events worldwide – the prestigious Bucket Regatta and the renowned Les Voiles de St. Barth Richard Mille. The azure waters become a playground for sailing enthusiasts, who gather here to partake in the excitement and camaraderie of these remarkable sailing competitions. Towards the end of autumn, the island is once again enlivened by the aroma of gourmet delights during the highly anticipated Gourmet Festival. This cherished event brings together acclaimed French starred chefs, creating a culinary spectacle that captivates the palates of discerning food connoisseurs and leaves them pleasantly surprised and delighted. From celebrating the dawn of a new year to hosting world-class sporting events and indulging in exquisite culinary experiences, St. Barts remains a captivating destination that continuously entices visitors with its diverse and enriching array of festivities throughout the seasons.